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The Witching of the King


England 1604. At a remote palace in the dead of winter, William Shakespeare and his acting company are invited to perform for King James. When a killer tries to assassinate the king, a priest is murdered by mistake. Feeling he can trust no one inside the palace, King James appoints William Shakespeare to solve the mystery and bring the killer to justice. But when Shakespeare’s daughter is arrested for witchcraft, the investigation becomes personal.


The Witching of the King blends a fast-paced historical mystery with the paranormal to create a non-stop thrill ride. Follow William Shakespeare as he becomes a detective, leading up to a final climatic struggle between good and evil. Filled with mystery, intrigue, witchcraft, and more, The Witching of the King is a high adventure you won't soon forget.


Greg Hoover's debut novel, The Witching of the King, will be available at bookstores worldwide on July 1st, 2021. (Published by Black Rose Writing, Castroville, TX, July 1st, 2021.)

Reviews for The Witching of the King

“Dripping with atmosphere and full of twists, Greg Hoover’s The Witching of the King is a ghostly tale befitting the Bard.” -Luke Swanson, author of The Other Hamlet Brother and The Ten 

“Reading Greg Hoover’s novel, The Witching of the King, was a delightful experience. A fast-paced thriller, it effectively brings readers into a 17th Century English murder mystery. I liked the way William Shakespeare is brought to life as a reluctant but believable Witchfinder General for King James. This first in what I truly hope is a long series of books, gives a realistic feel for the time period and a look into the superstitions and religious strife rocking post-King Henry VIII England.” - Carlton James, author of An America Reborn series

“A fast-paced period piece that reads as a timeless murder mystery. Greg Hoover’s The Witching of the King immerses readers into the mind of Shakespeare, while exposing them to a royal entourage of characters and lore that is nothing short of impressive. Readers of both historical fiction and murder mystery will enjoy losing themselves in this brilliantly original tale. Hoover kept me eagerly turning to the next page, keen to find out what would happen next.” - J.P. Hostetler, author of the Around Curiosity's Edge series


“Greg Hoover's novel, The Witching of the King, is a fast and enjoyable read that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. It's a mesmerizing fictional exploration into the ambiguities of Shakespeare, and the ongoing perils of religious division in the time of King James. He effortlessly mixes that with an entrancing mystery and brings it to a tasty simmer.  Hoover will have you invested quickly in Shakespeare the investigator, perhaps even considering that playwriting was only Shakespeare’s day job. We need more tales like this one!” – Dan McDowell, author of Level Zero

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